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Jessica Walker
27 July 2007 @ 09:19 pm
Ok so we are at...
July 15-27: Holiday Camps 1 & 2

A) Good Start, Counselling with Darcelle and Chantelle with Chella as our LIT 2.
B) Had Jayleen and Zoe at my table, totally my favs. Stayed up playing cards with Jayleen for 2 hours because she was homesick.
C) Emily Rose! Cried ALL THE TIME!
D)A Girl Named Summer Sunshine
E) NLV (NORWOK LIKE VIRUS) Outbreak, So basically, there were about 2 kids who since about tuesday had been getting sick, by tuesday afternoon there were 4, by thursday there were over a hundred kids down and out of 60 odd staff only 5 didn't get sick. It was horrible, You would walk into Gooding where most of the sick girls were and there were be, at any time, at least two kids puking. And out of the entire collier cabin (the youngest girls ages 6-7) only 4 didn't get sick. Then by the end of thursday our nurse was out too! STRESSFUL AND SAD
F) As a result of the whole Norwok thing, Holiday Camp 2 was councelled and we spent all week doing stupid measurement and inventories of all the buildings on the camp premises.SUCKED!
G)MY MOM CAME UP TO VISIT!!! She stayed in a cabin at lower camp, she even brought Kadin, Bailey, and the puppies! I really made my day and I took Friday off so that we could go shopping and stuff.
H)Did the zipline again! Still LOVE IT!
I) Slept in one day till 12:35, I got in trouble, to say the least....(hey, I had forgotten to set the alarm!)
J) Got the Hairspray CD! Have been listening to it on repeat(to say the least... it's amaxing)
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Jessica Walker
14 July 2007 @ 11:54 pm
Dawson Creek, July 7-14:
A) Our week started off pretty crappy indeed when we got to the airport and Tyler Paquette couldn't get on the plan because he only had his school id and it was not "government id". So basically we almost missed our train trying to find a way for him to come and he ended up having to go back to camp and was put on Leon's team at 614(even they ended up coming home early because they were staying at the Empress and some people were fighting on the 6th floor and a guy got pushed over the railing onto the 1st floor right in front of them)
B) Anyway we land in Fort St. John with 4 girls and 1 guy and we headed the 2 hour drive into Dawson Creek. We find that Dawson Creek is a hole. We get to the officers house to find that they are rude jerks.
B)The beaver and ferret pelts everywhere and the deer staring me down.
C)Having the first thing Roger say to me is him bashing my corp.
D)Francy ignoring us and talking on the phone for the first 15 minutes.
E)Percy having to stay by himself with Roger and Francy while us girls went to some other lady's house, who took us to walart and dairy queen and then we stayed up late talking and watching Armageddon.
F)Church the next day when we unfortunatly didn't get to sing either the chicken blood song or the gospel gun song. The random guy in the back of the church who was all like "Haleluah!", "Praise the Lord!", and "Thank you Jesus!"
G)being told that we weren't allowed to use ANY electronics because the kids couldn't have them and they have no way of getting them. Afterwards listening to all the girls talk about their ipods and DSs.
H) The Mosquitoes being the size of freaken flies!
I) Having to sleep in the same room as the preteen girls in rooms that had no doors.
J)Meeting Julie Young, The 21 year old cadet who was running the camp, WHAT A JOKE!, no one liked her and the kids despised her.
H)Running Crafts(yay for leatherwork)
I) Capture the flag, everyday...
J) Making the kids run down the hill (it's like a mile) watching them while sitting in the back of the gator.
K)The kids drive the gator and the van (how unsafe is that)
L) Jordan Sharp and Chris Tidd coming from Jackson's Point to help us, (yay for Percy not being alone anymore.)
M) The Whore of Babylon flirting with Chris and Chris flirting back...Chantelle being jealous... Michelle complaining about missing Tyler when she sould probably have been missing Mike more...
N)Me lecturing the girls about sarcasm and then them hating Chris because he's sarcastic.
O)The KIDS!!! Good: Brooke E., Selena, Heather, Jody, Justice, Racheal. Bad: Bea!
P)Michele getting Strep throat then telling us about all the mean things the leaders said about us while they thought she was sleeping.
Q) Being Dragged into the River kicking and screaming(it had both fish and leeches and was gross and muddy) Attempting to drown Chantelle (and almost succeding).
R) "No, You're A Towel!" and "I KEEL Your Family!" (Jordan Quotes)
S) Roger coming in to craft to tell me that he really appreciated the hard work I hard done with the crafts and the kids. (pretty sure I was his favorite)
T) Julie being a joke(and that's different from when?)
U) Chantelle running away from any form of flying insect bigger than a mosquito because she was determined to note be bit and then finally getting bit (on the boob) on our way to St. Johns to come home.
V)Waiting at the airport for 5 hours for our flight because we told the leaders our flight was earlier than it was to avoid being dragged into helping work/ clean/ drop off kids/ unpack/ stay in Dawson Creek any longer than absolutely necessary.
W) Coming Home!
X)Having to look around for my stuff for an hour when all I wanted was a shower, not being able to find it, and having to ask Mario if I could use his (good stuff by-the-by)
Y)Not being able to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix ruining my day
Z)Going on the zip-line making my day oh-so-much-better!
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Jessica Walker
01 July 2007 @ 06:15 pm

For the week prior to departure for Camp Sunrise, the etiquette is as follows:

• All typing referring to Camp Sunrise must be done in only capitalized letters.
This includes but is not limited to; memories of previous year’s camps, plans made for this years camp, and discussing kit list.
• All clothing designated for Sunrise use must be laundered during this seven day period, no earlier.
• Any spoken conversation regarding Camp Sunrise must be done so in raised voices only. NO EXCEPTIONS aside from libraries, or while near babies’ cribs and sleeping parents.
• In a situation in which Camp Sunrise is being discussed, one may not compare Camp Sunrise to any previously visited camps, unless the sentence you are using is unveiling the awesomeness of Camp Sunrise compared to these sub par Camping Facilities.

For the 24 hour period before departing from Town of Residence, the rules are as follows:

• Any typing at all must be done in capital letters ONLY. This includes, but is not limited to, MSN conversations, emails to elderly grandparents, URLS, display names and search engine key phrases. To make this rule easier to apply, one might duct tape their caps lock key down at all times, or remove the key from the keyboard entirely, to avoid temptation.
• All conversation WHATSOEVER must be done so in raised voices, except in the afore mentioned places.
• This period should be used for tasks such as: arranging transportation to ferry terminal (#2 bus or parent very helpful), packing designated kit list items into designated suitcase, enjoying ones last private shower, making all other acquaintances jealous that they are not also going to Camp Sunrise.

For the 3.5 hour ferry rides you will be undertaking, we have constructed the following rules:

• One might want to make sure that they listen to Shawn’s initial instruction of where we should meet once boarded the ferry. (We’ve got your back Shawn)
• On the ferry ride leaving camp, it is HIGHLY encouraged to congregate amongst Sunrise peers and partake in the jovial singing of Camp Sunrise favorites, including but not limited to: D-I-S-C-O, The (Stupid) Squirrel Song, All 3 Camp Sunrise Theme Songs and last but certainly not least, the classic Baby Shark melody. (Remember: The louder, the better! We want the whole ferry to be entranced with your angelic voices.)

A Word About Packing:
• Though it has been highly debated in previous years, GUMBOOTS are most definitely a constant necessity. We cannot stress this enough, people!
Though they may not lend use in the traditional form, they make excellent hand baskets and are useful in the packing process. (ie: Holding socks and other small articles.)

Following these rules provided shall assist you in experiencing optimum Camp Sunrise enjoyment.
If one comes up with a new rule, they are encouraged to speak with one of us, and we shall bring it up with the committee, concerning it’s place on this hallowed list.

Your diligent Camp Sunrise Aficionados,
Caitlyn Spence and Molly Woodford
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Jessica Walker
01 July 2007 @ 03:55 pm
Wow, so i haven't updated in a while.... 7 months actually... wow... sorry bout that.
Anyway I have been hired as a counselor/mlt for camp sunrise this summer of 2007 and I have just finished staff training and am now in North Vancouver about to start my first week of mlt(vbs(vacation bible school)) Here's a breakdown of what's happened so far:
Staff Training= June 25-30
a) the high ropes course: OMG so much fun I was basically one of the first ones on and it consisted of me "walking" on a a thin wire 40 feet off the ground, the fact that i didn't get more that 7 feet is not the point however and i'm very proud of myself.
b) GETTING PAID: so basically i was getting paid for things like going on the high ropes course, going on the low ropes course, going canoeing, listening to lectures about the differences between how girls and boys learn(lol, boys are stupid), playing games like the amazing race and taking 45 minute breaks every two hours.
c) the food: is amazing! our new cook is so cool and funny and his wife is hilarious! as well as there now being two accomplished bakers on staff. Two downsides though, 1. the food is so good that i'm not exactly dieting and 2. the cooks son is a super creeper (actrually kinda scares me.)
d) Massaging people: i'm in serious high demand, i'm thinking of starting a schedule and charging.
Lots of laughs and good times: i shared a room with Michelle, Pearlanne, and Lacey.
e) The weather: rain and lightning pretty much the whole time
f) five year old seasonal candy and pop: like those candy message hearts that say things like "fax me" and chocolate santas.
g) DRAMA)So in it's basic form it looked like this: Camp relationships, one-sided crushes, one-sides crazed obsession, and inability to take responsiblility for your own actions/
problems/ wacked-out crazed obsessions.
h)Watching the soccer game(me play soccer, HA!): so they played once when it was sunny and once barefoot in the POURING RAIN. Good Times!

First week of VBS, North Vancouver= July 1-7
a) Metrotown
b) Nachos: out of a bag! most disgusting thing of my life.
c) Michelle gigling all of the days.
d) Red Robins: freckled lemonade and Percy and Tyler stealing the leftover food off of the surrounding tables(and getting herpes in the process) before the bus boys could get to it, (best onions rings are stolen onion rings).
e) Tyler throwing up in church, and every morning.
f) Getting to skip out on going door to door to give out vbs flyers so that i could make craft examples.
g) Shooting bubbles from bubble tea at random people at the quay while watching the lamest fireworks on Canada Day and $5 for 16 peices of sushi(really good).
h) Getting back to our van after the crappy fireworks to find that our van was a part of a crime scene. The subway was being raided by drug dogs and we parked right out front.
i) Michelle giggling some more....again all of the days.
j) Seeing Transformers....aka....the best movie ever made. We had such a good time and it was just so good.
k) Hanging out with the kids all day, then relaxing in the afternoon.
l) Hot tubbing at the boy's billets.
M) BBqing at the Grice's and doing our testimonies to get to know eachother better downstairs. Watching The covenant which michelle LOVED.
N) Going out to Surrey to Jen's place for taco salad which was amazing.
O) Driving around Surrey in search of something to do.
P) Hanging out at the water park with the cool kids.
Q) Hanging out for the last day with the kids.
R) Going to the mall and losing the one van key. Searching everywhere for it and then giving up and calling Keith for help. We ended up driving out to DHQ in the Major's van to get the one last key and picking up the van from the mall.
S) The night market. The tasty food and cheap stuff and just good times had by all.
T) Spitting bubbles at random white kids but accidently hitting the asians...man that tyler is quite a character.
U) Sleeping in saturday morning.
V) Prepping for Dawson creek.
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Jessica Walker
05 December 2006 @ 09:08 pm
OMG!!!! It was freaken hilarious... me and Cynthia started singing Barbaranne in Math class(which was held in the computer lab today... not cool;() and it wa spretty loud and then we stopped and somebody else was singing it too!!!!!!! lol then all class we saw Miles mouthing ba ba ba ba babaranne..... it was good times!!!!!
In other news.... Alyssa passed her L exam(HIDE...jk...congrats) which means that I FREWAKEN NEED to get mine... so i'm going next week DUH DUH DUH... and my mom has this crazy notion that if i take it and don't pass then I can't try for it again for a year! and I'm like HELLS NO! that ma have worked with my sisters but with me? I don't think so....( my dad will just take me anyway ***smirk***)
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Jessica Walker
22 September 2006 @ 10:13 pm